The name's Jen. I am a ginger, and I'm addicted to waffles. Nothing else to say.


people that argue with cashiers are the worst kind of people

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Milky Way by Polina Ilchenko on Flickr.
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so today, my friend Tyler went to Publix. he noticed that there was a promotional sale for Sun Drop, because like no one here buys it, and they were selling them for like almost 6 cents a bottle.
so naturally, Tyler bought 600 bottles.
it took 3 cars to transport all of the Sun Drop, and he currently has 70 in his garage, 70 in his room, and the rest is stored at another friend’s house.
without the discounts, his purchase would have added up to $935.
he spent $34
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the first time a guy took me out to lunch, we decided to go to the carwash afterwards and we got the rainbow soap because its cool

that sounds like an awesome date omg
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